Giving Back

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be in a position to use our creativity to give back to others in society. Our values as a business place a large emphasis on working conscientiously and in helping others to thrive and be successful. For this reason we have chosen charity partners, and services that are close to our hearts, and who carry out invaluable, and truly life changing work.

Our Partners

Safety Net Primary Care

SafetyNet is a specialised medical service aimed at providing primary healthcare to those who are marginalised from society, and unfortunately health services.

It aims to provide primary healthcare to those sitting on the margins of society; perhaps experiencing homelessness or ongoing migrant status. SafetyNet cares about tackling the large health inequalities that people experience every day in Dublin and collapse the distance between marginalisation and healthcare. Although partly funded by the HSE, SafetyNet relies on voluntary donations to keep providing the amazing services that they do in order to succeed in building accessible and equitable healthcare for all.

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Dingle Coast & Cliff Rescue Service

The Dingle Coast & Cliff Rescue assist in the logistics and supplementary funding requirements for Search and Rescue Operations on the Dingle Peninsula.

A huge part of life on the peninsula, as well as the enjoyment of many visitors revolves around the beautiful Dingle coastline.

Naturally, in order for us all to continue to enjoy this very special place in a safe manner, the Dingle Coast & Cliff Rescue team provide an invaluable service, and all on a voluntary basis.