Who We Are.

We are a Dublin based creative studio, that aims to connect with our audience by creating creative content with a conscience.
A Little Bit About Us

We are a small, Dublin based creative studio with a mission to create with a conscience ⚡️

Our print collection came about during the first lockdown of 2020, where we were very fortunate to have the time and space to get creative, and to try to give back to others in society.

We drew inspiration for our prints from adding some much needed colour back into this great city, and country in a time that was difficult for many. We hope that our prints connect with you, and bring the sentimental feeling of the iconic landmarks and landscapes across the series into your home.

Our primary business is the BlankSlate Studio, where we work closely with our clients to create brand strategies, identities, web designs, digital marketing creative and all round creative collateral.

The BlankSlate Shop is a new venture into creating our own product, and in keeping with our values, we are donating 10% of our sales to the amazing SafetyNet Primary Care., and the Dingle Coast & Cliff Rescue Service.